About Us

A contemporary look is combined with artisanal hand embroidered techniques in the accessories line NamJosh. Our hairbands have gained acceptance as a statement item among fashionable women all over the world. The many artisans who craft our exquisite products have access to a creative platform through our design studio and production facilities in India. 
At truly affordable prices. Handmade, vibrant, enjoyable, and trendy clothing—the good stuff! That's not all, though.
Handcrafted in India
The term "handmade" or "human made" has evolved to represent high-quality manufacturing and components.
Each hairband at NamJosh is hand-beaded by our talented artisans using needlework skills that have been handed down through the generations.
Our production method is humanely slow. No matter what size you are, our stylish hairband believes that you should always be able to feel beautiful.
Every order that is $150 or more receives FREE delivery from us.
  • Quality & Precision

    We believe in delivering the best quality products to our customers.

  • Modern & Tasteful

    Creating products that meets modern design and fashion sensibility.

  • Fair Trade

    Fostering sustainable and equitable trade relationships with artisans.