Vintage Hair : styles from the 1960s

The style quotient of the 1960s was nothing short of glamorous. It was the age of extravagant styles and the hipster looks. Iconic trends emerged from the times, claiming the limelight ever since. Here is a list of some styles from the 1960s to inspire some vintage love in you!


Extravagance is the word for this vintage style, sworn into popular culture by First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy. The idea is to create a puff or bouffant by teasing up hair to add volume. It can be paired with buns, braids, pony-tails, and tie-ups.

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A time consuming but an elegant choice for the party night, use pearl-like baubles to add a bit of shimmer.


Hair cuts with sharp ends and shortest trims were the definition of powerful fashion back in the ’60s. This look was sported by celebrities and followed widely to date. Bob cuts, boy cuts, and pixies became the choice of women since this time.

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Pair it with barrettes and headbands to give a glamorous twist to power-dressing


Those short loose ends covering the forehead were very popular with buns, ponytails, and braids trailing at the back of the head. Fringes were sported with all hair lengths and textures- Long & short, straight & wavy.

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An extremely authoritative way for a makeover, for times when you dramatically want to change the look.


Audrey Hepburn among other celebrities popularized the scarf as the accessory of the decade. Scarfs with Indian prints and luxuriant satin silks became very popular. It was used with all kinds of hair-dos and has since been a raging fashion for hairstylists across the globe.

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A pretty scarf is a life-saver for days in the sun and serves as the best coverall to a bad-hair day.


Sport this lavish look for a defining statement. Similar to the bouffant, this style was achieved by piling hair in a near- conical shape on top of the head. Adopted by everyone from Dusty Springfield to Marge Simpson, this style was iconic of that era.

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Think Marilyn Monroe blonde curls. Sharp defined curls were quite the rage in the 60s. Seen across all hair lengths and colours, the well-set curls had been a favorite with women on screen and off.

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Hit the salon for you perfect vintage curls, permanent or for that one evening.


The hippies influenced every aspect of fashion and lifestyle in the 60s. With the hippie-culture at its peak days, long lengths of hair were popular. It was trendy to let them flow naturally with tiaras and scarves as adornments.

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Pick up tiaras and baubles to accentuate as you let those tresses flow in a natural move.


Heat treatments and well-set hair-dos found a big place in the limelight. Popular culture for the celebrities and common to the royal ladies, this style has since lost a bit of the significance, possibly due to the time-consuming regimes it demands.

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Visit a salon for this up-do. With modern-day hair sprays and equipments, it is easily achievable for a retro finish.

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