Three Twists to Scrunchies

The Scrunchies are one of the most popular hair accessories for summers. One can’t own enough of them. And one can’t stop adding to its flair in terms of design and styling. Here we have listed three unique styling ideas with scrunchies to tie back the locks. This season make the humble accessory do a lot more for you!


Yes, we are taking a scrunchie and a bun in the same sentence. All you need is a large, roomy scrunchie that works as per your hair length. Get a flamboyant scrunchie to support the base of the bun on the top of the crown for a perfect messy-bun.

hairstyle NAmjosh
Be careful to not cause puffiness on the crown. This style is best for mid length hair without a heavy feel.


Why choose when you can do both at once? Accessory designers have invented what we call the Pony Scarf. It’s something that works like a scrunchie but looks like a pretty scarf tying up your Pony. A simple hack for the hasty hairdo!

pony scarf namjosh

Don’t try it simply with silken fabrics, a half-done hairdo is never pleasant to have.


Scrunchies can do a lot more than tie your hair together. One has to look for the really ornamental ones. A pony or a bun with just a few strands from the front needs to be made with the rest of the waves flowing free. This style is suggested for longer lengths and wavy textures. Have too many to flaunt? try more than one scrunchie on that pony!

Pony scrunchie Nam Josh

Steer clear of using the regular large tie-ups to avoid the style getting undone mid-day into a rather tacky situation.

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