A guide to Styling the Ponytail!

The Ponytail has been around for ages. In many forms and styles, it has walked the ramp, been to board meetings and dinner dates alike. With so many hair-dos and styles, it can be quite boggling to decide which pony is the perfect one for you today right? Exactly the reason for us to compile this list of Pony- styling!


That’s the simplest yet one of the most glamorous styles: The high pony. Mounted high on the crown it’s a perfect fit for a long mane. Hair extenders are very handy. A neat pulling back of the hair is suggested, along with experimenting with scrunchies and fun tie-ups.

Namjosh Ponytail style hair
Take care to not make a puff on the crown and a dash of stiffening spray helps to highlight the pony better and give a neat finished look.


Not a big fan of accessorizing much? Build your Pony with a simple rubber band and use your hair in a variety of knots as the tie-up. This style is perfectly suited with outfits that are difficult to match hair accessories with.

Pony style namjosh

Try the more elaborate knots for a dressy day, and the simple wrapping the hair on the tie up for a professional look.


When it comes to hair nothing speaks power dressing more than a shiny sleek pony tied back securely without any strands flying free. Best for the woman suited up to work, this may or may not have the parting at the center or side.

pony namjosh

A shine spray is a must have for this look to last the day.


Voluminous curls listen up. Natural waves and curly textures are very much appreciated speaking individualism. Tie up your pony with a scrunchie, elastic, clip, or a clutch right at the back, pull the ends forward, and let go! Leave the tresses hanging free around your face.


There is plenty room for experiment here, use scarfs, bows, hats and more to accessorize .


Even the humble pony can be part of an elaborate hair-do. From simple side braids to complex French ones, single or multiple ones can be used to style up the crown while the ends finally tie up into a pony. Barrettes and other ornamental accessories are typically used with this look.

namjosh hairstyling

Unleash your creative instincts on your hair and braid it as you like!


It’s the simple pony shifted at the side, this is essentially a casual look. Perfect for a coffee date, or a night out with the girls, this can be accompanied by an extreme side part and simple tie-up. This is usually worn low at the nape of the neck.

namjosh hair style accessories

Skip the hair spray and blow dry for a slightly messy, more natural looking mane!

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namjosh hairstyle


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