The Seven Summer Styles

It’s summers and here’s a handy list of what to do with your hair to keep it trending. We have listed summer accessories as per the styling trends of this season.


It’s a good idea to sport a pixie cut in these hot months. If you have been contemplating a dramatic change in your look, this might be just the right opportunity. Style it up with barrettes and clips. Embellished ones or simply coloured ones, choose as per your taste.

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Making patterns with the placement of the simplest U-clip is a favorite this season.


Elegant baubles never go undesired, the evening breeze being the best possible time to reveal them. Perhaps also the only suitable time.

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> Half-tie or let loose and just let a few pearls shine.


The easiest and most comfortable thing to do every summer is to bun up your hair. Only this season it is trendy to add a headband to accentuate it with a whole lot of high-fashion accessories. Printed, Embellished, Turban-topped or ornamented; there are a lot many happening designs in trend.


Choose from the wide range of headbands by NAMJOSH here


The no-nonsense pony always means business. A simple, carefree workday style to keep you cool and the hair rightly away. This style is best for mid-length hair.

Fabric scrunchies are the best, ensures no hair is damaged or uprooted.


Braids are the best solution when one wants to keep their hair organized or in check. Suitable for longer hair lengths, braids can be sported styled with scrunchies, clips and pins.

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Make your own stately style statement with NamJosh Hair Accessories fit for royalty!


The scorching sun, lack of moisture and heat is not always desirable to your hair. It is a good idea to keep a scarf handy and scoop it all shielding the mane. A very good style for the days spent outdoors.

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Choose colours and fabrics to match up with those summer dresses; light and breezy.


The claw clip is the urban woman’s greatest friend- quick, easy, hassle-free. Embellished and highly stylized claw clips are now devised to make this quick style all the more popular.

NJ Hair accessory namjosh blog

A half updo right after a shower is perfect for airing damp hair as well as keeping it breezy.

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