Six Hair – Don’ts to Live by

We know how hard it is to get the perfect hair-look for the day. While all of us are trying, research shows how our simplest actions do more harm than good. So here is a list of DO-NOTS in the interest of the most wanted healthy mane of hair!


Styling products like hair gels, stiffeners, gloss, colors, bleaches and more are loaded with toxic chemicals. Chemicals are also constantly attacking our hair in the guise of treatments, shampoos, oils, and serums. Be careful to pick up as many herbal products as possible.

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While the styling chemicals are not avoidable, counter them with a therapeutic home-made care regime.


Heat, in general, is damaging to hair. Be it as a blow dryer, straightening irons or curling tongs. But nothing is as damaging as the hot shower. Hot wash dehydrates the hair, stripping it of the natural oils and causing the cuticles to open. Loss of moisture makes hair look flat, dull and fizzy. It also causes dandruff.

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If you must have a hot shower, follow it up with a cold rinse to end the hair wash.


Over-brushing makes hair weak at the roots. It also spoils the natural texture of wavy lengths. Wet hair is much more fragile and susceptible to bending, breaking and knots. Wait for hair to dry up before brushing or combing. Blow dry for urgent needs.

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Pro Tip: Brushing wet hair "can cause major breakage since dampness weakens the hair shaft" warns Kelsey Osterman, NY based celebrity stylist.


Elastics and bands that are tight can frightfully uproot hair. Instead, always opt for resilient bands that are covered in smooth fabrics like scrunchies. Shop for good quality embellishments and baubles to avoid hurtful unfinished edges.

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Treating hair heartlessly is direct attack leading to hair fall and weakening of the roots. Oil massages, shampoo & conditioning, and towel drying: all need to to be done with gentle motions. Never scrub scalp or hair harshly. If in a hurry, use a blow-dryer instead of towel drying.

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Whether oiling or cleansing or conditioning - use only your finger pads, in a circular motion on your scalp.!


While shampoos are meant for cleansing, conditioners are meant to replenish the lost moisture. Hence a conditioner needs to be applied to the length of the hair alone and not roots. Exactly opposite to the shampoo which is applied majorly to the scalp.

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Pro Tip: Meri Kate O'Connor, (senior colorist at Good Housekeeping) “Apply conditioner only to the ends of your hair, which is probably where it's most dry, broken, and damaged”.

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