Seven Scarf Styles

Scarves are undoubtedly a woman’s most resourceful friend. They come in all shapes and sizes, not to mention the infinite design options. From silks and satins in elaborate prints and chic patterns to soft cotton and linens for the summer fun, scarves are literally for all possible times. Here’s a list to put in the simplest (& yet the most trending) scarf hairstyles.


Let the traces flow along with the fluidity of that silken fabric. The more colourful the fabric the better. Style your hair into a half or a low pony, a braided half pony or a twisted half knot. Use an elastic band to secure the tie-up.

namjosh scarf plait and pony hairstyle

Works best with a wavy, natural curvy texture of mid-length hair: curling tongs to the rescue for straight ones.


To keep the strands away from the face we can use a scarf as a headband when a high bun is tied at the top. A style meant for the busy mid-workday. Or use it at the base of the bun to hold it in place.

namjosh scarf plait and pony hairstyle

While working with fingers will give a messy boho look, use the comb if you need a neat bun.


Square scarves folded in a triangle, to be used as a bandana. Highly recommended when venturing out in the sun and dust. Cover just the head with the traces flowing free, or make a full head wrap with a tuck on top. Or one can just wrap it all up and under.

namjosh scarf plait and pony hairstyle

The Cover up for a bad hair day. Get a day off when you are just too tired for that much-needed hair wash!


Add colours and patterns to that pony. Ditch the regular scrunchie and knot a scarf to keep it all together. Bringing the ends to the front or letting them flow behind are both equally popular and elegant.

namjosh scarf plait and pony hairstyle

Explore the following NamJosh Accessories for the styles shown here; Pony Scarves and SoftHeads.


Using a scarf length as one strand of a braid gives rather surprising results. A braid adds a feminine twist to any hairdo and a scarf is as womanly as it gets. Whether it’s a side braid, a braided bun or one low braid at the back of your head, weave a scarf in to lace it with magic.

namjosh scarf plait and pony hairstyle

Also, a great way to add volume to your braid or coordinate it with any outfit.


Probably one of the most idealist scarfs identified with American feminism is this polka dotted one on Rosie The Riveter. Surfaced during WW2, this hairdo resonated with women working in factories the world over and has been symbolic of women empowerment ever since.

namjosh scarf plait and pony hairstyle

It’s a rather easy up-do; roll up the scarf, place the center at the back of the head and tie the tips in a knot to look like a bow.


A variety of knots can be tried to add to the glam of any scarf up-dos. Knots may be placed at the side, on the top or at the base. Make a tinier knot for a more restrained look and practice the flamboyant bow-like one for the fun times.

namjosh scarf plait and pony hairstyle

Look up a few DIYs to pick your favorite ones; Vintage knots, the mickey mouse knot, the rose knots and what not!

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