8 styles especially for girls with curls!

While the goal of most treatments is to make the curls behave regularly, we discovered these easy hairstyles to work a wonder on curls. These look best with wildest waves, springiest curls and bounciest coils. Sounds Familiar? Read on and look hair-licious with your natural curls.


Braided or otherwise, the top knot is the easiest choice to keep the curls compact. A go-to style for a professional and relaxed look, that speaks a strong statement. A top knot can be a simple bun, a braided bun or one may take an experimental step of doing a line of buns.

hair style namjosh accessories fashion

Pair with scarves, bands or scrunchies to add a dash of colour and pattern to the humble updo.


Probably the most popular hairdo for girls with curly hair. The half undone essentially has a few strands pulled back into a twisted half done pony. More suited for mid-length to long curls. The accessories used define the look from a complicated combination of clips to a simple clutch or an accentuating headband.

hair style namjosh accessories fashion

Goes well with scarfs, scrunchies and headband. Highly recommended for Wash day!


Braids are the best friends of all hair types. Casual loose braids for a relaxed look, Closely tied ones for a more sporty look to multiple delicately done plaits for an elegant updo. If you have time look up DIY instructions for elaborate plaiting techniques.

hair style namjosh accessories fashion

Braids with the combination of an unique texture of curly hairs make it a fashionable statement.


For the days when you wish to flaunt the unique character of the curling lengths of your hair. Simply tie back into a pony, using a scarf or scrunchie. A good hairspray comes handy when sporting this style and the hair is prone to fizz.

hair style namjosh accessories fashion

Avoid thinner bands to better match the volumes. Best done of wash day or the day after, when the fizz is at its lowest.


A protective style for the needs of a day out in the heat and sun is the scarf-ed pineapple. With the trophy of rich curls sitting atop, held in place firmly by a scarf at the base of the head. This is especially good with highly ringed curls for a Afro look.

hair style namjosh accessories fashion

Pick up contrasting bold scarfs to bring bright colours and confidence into your day!


A smart way of sporting curls is the cropped up look. Chose between the Mohawk look, the short bob, a pixy cut or the retro wartime look. Short hair is usually considered drab for lack of styling options. We believe otherwise. Choose from the wide range of scarves, embellishments and headbands for styling the cropped hair.


Adding colour and highlights can further enhance this look.


The texture of curls creates an uniquely delightful vision on their own. Not much is needed to be done to create character in curls since the hair has an expression of its own. The waterfall look is about letting the natural look of the cascade do its work. Maybe add an accessory to hold the base.

Choose from our wide range of headscarves and headbands to accentuate the curls.


A low tied bun, pony or braid – along with the romance of a few strands gone astray – creates the perfect picture of elegance. Team it up with bows, delicate baubles or scrunchies. A side-swept style further adds elegance to this look.

hair style namjosh accessories fashion

We recommend this for mid-lengths and shorter styles.


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