5 Best Purchases to Tame the Mane on a Bad Hair Day

Woken up to hair that just wouldn’t behave? Or are those locks looking too flat and lifeless on a bright sunny day? Like the most of us hair experts and stylists also have been plagued by the Bad Hair Day, and here’s what they suggest.


Women with short hairs have it easier with this one, but the longer manes are no less glam. Take your pick between the vintage English lady hats or the cap sporting your favorite baseball team, depending on your style quotient. You can then adjust the hair as a braid lying on the side, or a hidden high bun on the crown.

Hat namjosh hairstyle


Dry Shampoo or degreasers is the modern-day miracle that rids us of post-wash greasy looking hair. Light colored manes and people with relatively more oil secretion benefit largely from using dry shampoo for a voluminous oil-free look. Brushing arrowroot powder and baby talc is also known as a helping hack to rescue one from a bad hair day.

“Pro Tip from New York: Blow-dry for a hot second post the dry shampoo adds lead hairstylist Teddi Cranford.


Investing in Headscarves work wonders, not just during the cold months but also against dust, heat and bad hair days! Headscarves work as the perfect cover it all, while also letting you step out in style. While the full head cover is the go-to solution for the most difficult days, a bandana style, a messy bun or a pony with the scarf also helps take the focus off from the untamed mane.

headscarves namjosh

The louder the scarf, the less attention goes to hair. Think animal prints, bohemian and Indian motifs or embellishments!


When your hair texture is getting out of control, and those loose strands just won't get directed by the hairbrush, we recommend bobby pins to the rescue. The countless choices of designs, colors, and embellishments available in hair clips and pins not only helps keep the loose ends in place but also make these a statement accessory.

Pro Tip by Fugate: "Line up five to eight in a row so it looks intentional rather than just trying to hide something"


Hair bends and overnight creases can be a pest to your style statement. The curling iron is popularly rated by stylists as the best fix for the most agreeable results. Segments of hair can be set on the curling iron to quickly fix a wavy look, disguising the bends of unruly strands.

Curl till the very end only if the ends are too frizzy, otherwise leaving the ends unattended adds to a natural wavy look.

Whatever your hair might be like today, we believe the beauty within keeps shining through. Our goal is to keep your smile unfettered, strides confident and hair shining! Browse through our latest collection for the last bit, may the rest follow.



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